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course MATH 062 Algebra I Supported
This course includes linear equations and applications, linear inequalities, compound linear inequalities, absolute value equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations in two variables, slope and intercepts, finding the equation of a line, functions and relations, graphs of basic functions, systems of linear equations in two variables, systems of inequalities in two variables, adding and subtracting polynomials, polynomial multiplication and division. Additional two hours per week of the course will provide review for essential prerequisite material. Prerequisite: grade of 2.0 or better in MATH 040 or MATH 084 or satisfactory placement test score.
cart Item# Course Section Credits Building Room Day Time Instructor Cap Seats Status
5514 MATH 062 AAW 7.0 00T T249 MTWTh 10:20AM - 11:20AM SPENCE, J 30 26 OPEN
00T T338 TTh 11:30AM - 12:30PM SPENCE, J
$11.40 lab fee.
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