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course MATH&151 Calculus I [M/S] [Q/SR] (formerly MTH 201, MTH 231)
The first course in the sequence for students whose major field of study requires a full year of calculus. Topics include: limits of algebraic and trigonometric expressions and exponential and logarithm functions; the derivatives of algebraic, trigonometric functions, and their inverses; exponential and logarithm functions; hyperbolic functions and their inverses; applications of the derivative, and an introduction to antiderivatives and the definite and indefinite integral. Prerequisite: grade of 2.0 or better in MATH& 141 and MATH& 142 or MATH& 144, or appropriate placement.
cart Item# Course Section Credits Building Room Day Time Instructor Cap Seats Status
5588 MATH&151 DII 5.0 ZOOM MTWTh 10:20AM - 11:20AM BARTRAND, M 30 5 OPEN
$11.40 lab fee. This class meets online through Zoom on the day(s) and time(s) listed with room ZOOM. Remaining instruction is online through Canvas but not on specific dates/times. For an online Canvas orientation, go to
cart Item# Course Section Credits Building Room Day Time Instructor Cap Seats Status
8644 MATH&151 WBW 5.0 SWL 004 MW 5:00PM - 7:10PM JAFFE, J 30 18 OPEN
$11.40 lab fee.
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