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Course ID ANTH&234
Formerly ANT 128
Course Title Religion & Culture [S/B]
Credits 5.0
Description The cross-cultural study of the relationship between humans and the supernatural world. Unlike other religious studies scholars, anthropologists are more concerned about the relationship and interconnections between people's religious traditions and beliefs, and other aspects of society. The objective of this course is familiarizing students with certain aspects that are common to many of the world's religions. This course explores and analyzes the meaning of myth systems, the importance and meaning of religious symbols, rituals, religious specialists, how different societies organize supernatural powers and entities, and then finally a quick survey of the world's religions. We will do this in order to come to appreciate the significance all religions hold for the people who follow them, and develop a broad definition of religion that enables us to examine myriad systems of belief on equal terms.
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Fall Winter Spring Summer
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