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Course ID EMT 103
Course Title Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) I
Credits 9.0
Description This is the first course of a two-quarter sequence primarily focused on training students to the level of an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT). The objectives of this class are to prepare students to take EMT 104 by developing an understanding of the preparatory and fundamental components of the AEMT. This class covers application of protocols, refining EMT skills and knowledge, deepening the understanding of pathophysiology as it relates to medical and trauma patients, IV therapy, and medication administration. In addition, there will be extensive skills evaluation of necessary psychomotor components through breakout labs and group exercises as well as an internship to practice the appropriate skills. Prerequisite: EMT for one year and actively involved and sponsored by an EMS agency. Recommended: eligibility for ENGL 099 or better and eligibility for MATH 094, 040, or better.
Quarters Available
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Odd Years no yes no no
Even Years no no no no

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