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Course ID INT 251
Course Title Troubleshooting for Technicians
Credits 2.0
Description This course is designed to supplement experienced technicians' knowledge of troubleshooting using a logical approach to solving problems. The course consists of using computer simulations of industrial systems and related test equipment. Using the Path of Influence and Four-Step process along with the troubleshooting simulations, the technician analyzes the fault and chooses maintenance actions such as continuity tests, bench checking, and swapping that might correct the problem. The logic used is evaluated as well as the time and expenses incurred by the technician to solve the problem. Prerequisite: any one of the following: AMT 120, ELT 111, ENT 238, equivalent coursework, or instructor permission.
Quarters Available
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Odd Years yes yes yes yes
Even Years yes yes yes yes

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