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Course ID MATH&144
Formerly MTH 107, MTH 157
Course Title Precalculus I & II [M/S] [Q/SR]
Credits 5.0
Description Precalculus I & II is a condensed, accelerated combination of Precalculus I and Precalculus II. Selected topics from Precalculus I and Precalculus II are covered in one quarter, allowing the better prepared student to complete the precalculus preparation in one quarter rather than two. The topics include polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and circular functions. Also, analytic geometry, complex numbers, vectors, and sequences and series. Prerequisite: appropriate placement or instructor permission. Students completing MATH& 144 may not receive graduation credit for MATH& 141 and/or MATH& 142.
Quarters Available
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Odd Years no no no no
Even Years no no no no

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