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Course ID PSYC 280
Course Title Positive Psychology
Credits 5.0
Description Historically, psychology has been somewhat negative in orientation, through an emphasis on human weaknesses and liabilities, abnormalities, developmental difficulties, pathology, and treatment modalities. Mental illness, rather than mental health, has been a primary focus for research and practice. This course describes how the scope of psychology has recently been broadened to understand positive emotion, build strength and virtue, and provide a framework for creating what Aristotle called the good life. Topics include happiness (subjective well-being, positive emotions), optimal performance, personal fulfillment, optimal wellness/medical health, emotional intelligence, creativity, optimism, hope, self-efficacy, goals and life commitments, wisdom, spirituality, meaning and purpose in life, and the civic virtues. Prerequisite: PSYC& 100.
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Fall Winter Spring Summer
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