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Course ID SOC 305
Course Title Cybercrime: A Sociological Perspective [S/B]
Credits 5.0
Description Cybercrime is a deviant behavior involving the illegal use of computer technology and the internet against individuals, social groups, and institutions. This course examines cybercrime and its various types (such as identity theft, bullying, and cyber-terrorism) as a social problem in the United States and the world. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the theories and methods used by sociologists to understand the different dimensions of cybercrime including their causes, costs, and challenges to society, and possible solutions. Topics include: cyber-sociology, crime and deviance, types of cybercrime, challenges to social order, society's responses to cybercrime, and socio-economic and ethical consequences of cybercrime. Prerequisite: acceptance into the Bachelor of Applied Science program or instructor permission. Recommended: SOC& 101 or 201.
Quarters Available
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Odd Years yes no no no
Even Years yes no no no

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