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Course ID SPAN 282
Course Title Spanish Medical Interpreting II
Credits 5.0
Description The Spanish Medical Interpreting program is a sequential, three-quarter vocational certificate program, consisting of Spanish Medical Interpreting I, II, and III. The program prepares students for state or national medical interpreter certification and to enter the workforce as professional, ethical, and competent healthcare interpreters. Students are introduced to healthcare interpreting as a profession, concepts and relevant terminology in biomedicine, and given opportunities to develop foundational skills in healthcare interpreting. This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in SPAN 281/HSCI 149. Topics include: National code of ethics and standards of practice, ethical decision-making, basic medical prefixes, roots and suffixes, note-taking and sight translation skills, interpreter positioning, language and communication dynamics, and the role of the interpreter in health equity. Prerequisites: HSCI 148 or SPAN 281 with a 1.0 or higher. Cross-listed as SPAN 282 (credit cannot be received for both courses).
Quarters Available
Fall Winter Spring Summer
Odd Years no yes no no
Even Years no yes no no

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